We’ve been busy making plans for the Coronavirus outbreak since January. We are well prepared.

We took note of the Coronavirus early this year when it began to take hold in China, and have since been ensuring business continuity plans are in place to ensure any impact on our business or that of our clients is minimised.



Fortunately, our team falls into the low-risk category and thus are less likely to suffer severe symptoms in the event any of us contract Covid-19. We have taken significant steps to plan for the spread of the virus and ensure the continued smooth running of our business and the support our clients need during this period.

Key things to note:

  • We’ve been circulating information to our team with regard to hygiene and how to suppress the spread of the virus since early January. We’ve been providing hand sanitiser for every staff member’s desk for several years anyway, and promote good hygiene practises.
  • We have been cleaning our office surfaces, light switches, door and drawer handles and so on regularly on a daily basis for several weeks and continue to do so.
  • Where any of our team are suspected of having symptoms of the virus or having come into contact with those who have had or may be suspected of having had the virus, we will be advising them to self-isolate and/or take other measures as per the advice administered by the Government (if not above and beyond).
  • The majority of our work relies on cloud-based technologies and processes already and thus home-working for our entire team will have a negligible impact on our level of service (all staff members have equipment set up and configured at home in order to carry out their work without interruption).
  • Our telephone system is cloud-based and we’ll continue to receive calls as normal during any period of home-working. Any client-facing staff who did not already have a company mobile have been issued with one ahead of home working.
  • Face-to-face meetings, be they internal or with suppliers, partners or clients, will be scaled back as appropriate.
  • Our team have begun to work from home as of Monday 9th March.

Please contact us on 01603 670 586 or support@gritdigital.com to discuss ways in which we may be able to help you with any questions and the continued smooth running of your operations. For us, it’ll be business as usual.

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