Our background

We’ve been building websites since the 1990s and have studied computer science, business computing, sales, marketing and more. Between us, we have a ton of experience and apply that and our knowledge to your projects.

Our clients comprise all sizes and sectors. We build websites, apps, software, prototypes, e-commerce solutions and beautiful user interfaces. User experience and results is at the core of everything we do.

Our expertise

As experts in our field, we’re respected in our industry not only by end- clients, but by partners and peers alike. We’re the go-to digital agency for leading marketing, strategy, branding, PR and creative agencies of the highest calibre.

Naturally, references are available on request, but our clients include The UK’s No. 1 Digital Strategy and Content Strategy Agency, Europe’s No. 1  ECRM Strategy Agency and Multi-Music Worldwide Design Award winners, to name but a few.

Our commitment

Our industry moves at breakneck speed, so we embrace change and challenges with passion. Every day we read, we tinker, we share, collaborate and contribute to our industry to stay at the forefront of digital. Our solutions are robust and at the cutting edge of code.

With GRIT, you don’t get a solution that will suffice, you get a solution that will last. When we’ve delivered against your objectives, we hone our skills to review and improve your project over time to keep up with and in front of your competitors.

  • British Council

  • Environment Agency

  • The Church of England

  • Archant

  • Waterstone's

  • Cisco

  • Macmillan

  • Woodforde's Norfolk Ales

  • Smart Energy GB

Case Studies