Your needs

We’re all about you, your business, your goals and above all, results. You come first; it’s as simple as that. You won’t be put to one side while we deal with newer or larger clients and projects. You’ll be treated like the valuable asset you are and you’ll feel it, always.

If you want a loyal, reliable and uncompromising digital partner, you’re in the right place.

Sound like what you’ve been missing? Read on…

Our ethos

GRIT is an agency forged from the belief that outstanding quality and value is not enough; the best results come from astonishing customer service and relationships.

Our spirit is infallible and our resolve unbreakable. We do what it takes, every time, to deliver on our promises. That’s why in the five years we’ve been trading, we’ve retained nearly every customer.

Even better, because of our attitude, people love to work here. Your account/project managers and the developers who’ve worked on your projects, stick around!

Our approach

We like to get back to grass roots. Your business is yours and unique to you; fixed formulas don’t always work. We go all out to understand your business, your audience and your industry.

Next, we curate the content your users need and carefully plan how they’ll find it, digest it and make a purchase or get in touch. When your project is launched our work isn’t over. We measure, review, analyse, and improve.

Have a look at our case studies to see how we do things.


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  • Websites

    We write clean, crisp, best-practise code. Our websites are highly optimised and thoroughly tested. We’re experienced with all leading CMS and E-Commerce platforms, and if you feel like treating yourself, we also have our own bespoke CMS/CRM solution, Sodium. It’s all about choosing the right tool, for the right job, and at the right price.

  • Apps

    We build native apps for iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices. We also build hybrid apps where the cost/feature ratio is a better fit. The benchmark of a good app is one where you need no instructions in order to pick it up and use it. We back everything up with robust hosting and bespoke APIs to let our apps talk to our CMS or third-party systems.

  • Prototyping

    Outstanding products need proper preparation. Rapid prototyping enables us to learn and iterate quickly, from MVPs to full-blown concepts. We use prototypes as a tool to engage with a wider audience early in the design phase, reducing risk, increasing return and delivering the strongest possible product from day one.

  • Software & Systems Integration

    We build bespoke web-based software solutions that can live on your server, or in the cloud. We make your EPOS talk to your CMS, your CMS to your Smartphone App and, if you want, your Smartphone App talk to your TV. No matter what integration you need,  we’re well versed in the ‘internet of things’.

  • User Experience (UX) Design

    Effective products that deliver results and make you money, all start with good Information Architecture (IA) and User Interface (UI) design. Without these key planning phases, the overall User Experience (UX) will suffer and your users won’t enjoy their experience and you won’t enjoy their business. UX is core to everything we do, from day one.

  • Graphic Design

    Sometimes your shiny new app or website needs some additional hard copy collateral to bring to it to market or make it work. For example, to make your app tick, you might want some QR codes on beermats for your users to scan or a snazzy bifold instruction booklet for vendors’ employees so they can engage with your brand’s app users.

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